Three Sisters Day Tour

Three Sisters Day Tour

The Three Sisters Day Tour is a 6 hour paddle, including a delicious lunch. Read More…

Running 15 May to 15 October
Departure times change with tides: Departure Times Calendar

Adults – $119 CA + tax
Children under 16 – $89 CA + tax

Three Sisters Day Tour

Spend a day exploring the beautiful Bay of Fundy

The Fundy Explorer Day Tour lets you experience the amazing tides at leisure while taking in the spectacular cliffs of stunning Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. On a high tide paddle, you will be able to paddle through an archway and among the Three Sisters sea stacks. The low tide paddle will have you experience just how much the water level drops as the inter-tidal
zone gets exposed.

This coastline is incredibly scenic and purely wild, dotted with secluded coves, archways, and rock spires. The clear emerald waters contrast the red and orange cliffs. Evidence of earth’s history is right at your fingertips as you see old lava flows embedded in the ancient rock. Try your voice at a natural amphitheater or look for evidence of the shipbuilding past of this area. The highlights of this tour include the famous Three Sisters sea stacks, a group of rock spires rising out of the ocean and steeped in native legend. We stop for a home-made picnic on a pristine beach on a tidal river mouth. On the return paddle, you will experience how quickly the water level changes on the biggest tides in the world.

On the escarpment white tailed deer might be standing undisturbed while the Bald Eagle is often more cautious and take off if we get within its comfort zone. From crevices in the rocks the little black Guillemot’s fly out at high speed – a bird related to the Puffins. Fishing cormorant’s, Loons and curious seals are often a welcome part of our kayaking experience.

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“We truly had a wonderful time. We all said it was the highlight of our trip, and that is saying a lot because it was an amazing trip”


Ann Van Rheenen

Tour Information

Minimum number of participants per tour is two. Please contact us directly at or 1-866-638-4118 toll free for single bookings.

Please contact us directly for bookings of less than 24 hrs until tour start.

After checking in at our office, you will drive in your own car to the launch spot – the last few km is on gravel.

Please contact us directly at or 1-866-638-4118 toll free for off-season dates, tailor-made- and group tours.

Beginners welcome. A certain level of fitness is required. You do not need to know how to swim.

Children: Recommended age 12 and up.
However, if you would like to bring younger kids and are comfortable with it, we do welcome them to join this tour. In our experience, younger children are of hugely varying physical capabilities
and adventurous spirits. We trust that you are the best judge of those abilities – keeping in mind that we paddle an exposed area with the possibility of some swell. As long as each parent matches up with one child, and you are comfortable to paddle a double kayak basically on your own, it should work out well, and in our experience kids have a lot of fun. The paddling time is about 1.5 hrs each way. If you would like to bring young children, please get in touch the night before the tour regarding the forecast.

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