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NEW in 2024:

Paddle Canada Seakayaking Courses

We have a Paddle Canada instructor here this summer! We are offering two different Paddle Canada Certifications to make you more confident when paddling Nova Scotia and its beautiful waterways. 

Guide landing a kayak in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.

Basic Skills Course (1 day)

The Basic Skills Course is one full day, and the dates we’re offering are June 29, July 20, and September 14. Cost is $200 + tax – kayak, gear, lunch & snack included.

Kayakers are approaching their kayaks on a Bach in Horseshoe Cove, Nova Scotia.

Level 1 Course (2 days)

The Level 1 is a 2-day course, and we’ll run it June 22-23, July 6-7, and September 7-8. Cost is $390 + tax – kayak, gear, lunches & snacks included.

Office hours

Open from May 18th to October 6th, 2024.

Monday to Sunday – 8 am to 8 pm Atlantic Time

Outside of our season, please reach us by email or book online.


37 School Lane, Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia

Three Sisters Day Tour (6 hrs)

Kayak NS
Experience the best kayaking in Nova Scotia with this MOST POPULAR FUNDY TOUR! Explore the majestic Cliffs of Fundy and be awed by the world’s biggest tides. Kayaking Nova Scotia in the wilderness of Cape Chignecto Park is world class – a true geological wonderland!

Get up close to the famous Three Sisters sea stacks, ancient lava flows and arches on this one-of-a-kind Nova Scotia kayaking adventure.

Daily departures between mid-May and mid-October. Please scroll down for departure times as these are different every day.

Seal Cove 2-Day Adventure

Best Kayaking in Nova Scotia
A TOUR WITH MANY OPTIONS: See all the highlights of the day tour, and paddle further along the gorgeous western coast of Cape Chignecto. Camp on a wild beach, see the tides change dramatically, and enjoy the sunset and gourmet meals on this exciting overnight adventure to beautiful Seal Cove.

From here, you have all the options: paddle more, enjoy a hike to take in the views, relax on the beach … the choice is yours on this kayaking Nova Scotia adventure!

Custom dates available for a minimum of 2 people.

Cape Chignecto 3-Day Experience

Kayaking Nova Scotia along this most stunning scenery without turning back is THE ULTIMATE SEA KAYAKING EXPERIENCE. Explore the wild and dramatic cliffs from the water as you kayak the whole Chignecto shore.

An incredible three-day tour right at the pulse of the massive Fundy tides, camping at pristine coves along the way. Enjoy gourmet meals, sunsets, exploring arches and hidden coves.

Custom dates available for a minimum of 2 people.

Stand-up Paddle on Cape d’Or (2 hrs)

Two paddle boarders paddling through a cliff arch
NEW in 2024! If you have been looking for a shorter paddle with us, look no further. We are excited to add stunning Cape d’Or to our paddling menu. This gorgeous rugged peninsula juts into the Bay of Fundy, and, you guessed it, is best seen from the water.

Picture colourful cliffs, and arch to paddle through at high tide, and a lot of protection from the prevailing winds. Plus, a gourmet floating picnic right on the ocean. We’re stoked!

Daily departures between July 20th and October 6th at different times every day depending on the tides.

– 6 Reasons for Kayaking Nova Scotia at this unique destination –

1. Kayaking in a geological Wonderland

Approved by UNESCO! Our stunning coastline has been recognized as world-class. Only here you find fascinating rock formations and colourful cliffs that are unique to this part of Nova Scotia. Come and experience the center piece of the UNESCO Cliffs of Fundy Geopark in the best way possible – from the water! Explore towering red cliffs, sea stacks, arches and ancient lava flows. The scenic cliffs bear evidence of the separation of the continents when what is now Africa and North America drifted apart during the Triassic. Kayaking Nova Scotia at its finest!

2. Hello Largest Tides on Earth

Experience how the seascape changes dramatically as you paddle along the stunning cliffs. The extreme Fundy tides can reach up to 12 m / 40 ft of vertical difference in this area. An amazing experience! Not to worry: The tide doesn’t arrive as a wave here as some might think, but rather as a rapid increase in water levels that is mind-blowing to watch.

3. It’s wild here

Imagine yourself on the pristine coast of its largest and wildest provincial park while kayaking Nova Scotia. In spectacular Cape Chignecto Park, tranquility is the name of the game.

4. The land and its Original people

We respectfully acknowledge that we live, work and play in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. On our tours, we joyfully share the legends and stories of the Mi’kmaq that are so engrained in this coast and its place names. 

5. Real ocean conditions

Cape Chignecto is an exposed area. It can get windy and choppy here. But hey, calm, glassy days are in the cards every now and then, too. So, bring your sense of adventure and some fitness. No kayaking experience is necessary, but confidence in an ocean environment is key. We provide very stable double kayaks and the guidance of expert trip leaders when taking you kayaking Nova Scotia. 

6. Pro Guides

Speaking of which – expect personable, fun & professional guides with all the relevant training when kayaking Nova Scotia. They love what they do, and it shows. Their goal is to make your tour the best they can. Plus, they’ll whip up incredible meals. Prepare to get spoilt with healthy local food on a remote beach. 

Bay windows in the front of the house
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Kayaking Nova Scotia by sea stacks

Kayakers at the Owl Rock sea stack.




Three Sisters Day Tour Departure Times

May 18th – October 6th, 2024

Stunning scenery from our Three Sisters Day Tour.
Where to Find Us Title Located in Advocate Harbour, on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia Save

Nova Shores

NovaShores Guest Room

Accommodation right at our home base – kayaking Nova Scotia

Bay of Fundy accommodation, Advocate Harbour
Why not stay right on the premises of NovaShores in this beautiful historic ship captain’s villa? Your private room has its own entrance and features a queen bed and big bay window vistas. The en-suite bathroom comes with a clawfoot tub. You can make your own breakfast in the small kitchenette set up for you in the private hallway (toaster oven, kettle, french coffee press, fridge, microwave), or you could wander down the lane to the country store for some down-home fare. A friendly cat named Blackie lives here freely, too. The perfect place to relax before or after kayaking Nova Scotia.
Kayaking NS
Aerial view of the Three Sisters (left) and Eatonville Harbour (right)
Kayak Nova Scotia


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