Beginners are welcome

Kayaking is an activity that is truly for everyone! Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced paddler, you will be comfortable and safe in our kayaks, which are reliable and easy to handle. Our location on the Bay of Fundy is stunning and while the waters are not always the easiest ones to paddle, it is greatly rewarding. You will receive basic instruction in paddling techniques and use of the equipment before you start out.  You will be surprised how quick you get the hang of it!

We do not compromise on safety

We will supply you with all the necessary safety and paddling gear. Our quality touring kayaks are modern, stable and easy to handle. Each tour will be tailored to the skills of our guests and adjusted to whatever the wind and waves permit. To enhance safety, we only go out in small groups. However, clients participate at their own risk and must sign a waiver for personal responsibility.


All tours start with basic instruction in paddling and safety. If you want to expand on that and learn more advanced kayaking skills or obtain a Paddle Canada certification, we also offer that option through our partnering instructor Glenn Coltman on the South Shore in East Dover.


  • All clients taking a NovaShores tour are required to agree to and sign a personal liability waiver.
  • Guests under 19 must have a parent or a guardian sign the waiver.
  • Children under 16 must also have a parent accompany them on the tour.


A rescue is a very unusual event on our tours. They are practiced by our experienced guides and done quickly when required. In double kayaks, a capsize is extremely unlikely to ever happen, and if so, all that happens is that you get wet.


Safe Sea kayakingYou are wearing a life jacket and your guide will have you back in the kayak and into dry clothes that are carried in a dry bag in minutes. We also carry hot water and coffee, tea or hot chocolate to help warm you up, and a full range of first aid and rescue gear. On a hot day you may even decide to enjoy the cool water!

Sea kayaking tours in Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia

What a wonderful day. Thanks so much. The rescue was great!

Florence Jansen, France

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