Three Sisters Day Tour

Three Sisters Day Tour

On the Three Sisters Day Tour, be wowed by majestic rock spires and ancient lava flows as you witness the seascape change with the giant Fundy tides. Paddle through an arch at high tide and enjoy a home-made gourmet picnic prepared by our personable, certified guides. Read more…

Departures to the Three Sisters

Daily mid-May to mid-October from Advocate Harbour. Departure times change with the tides: Please check the Departure Times Calendar.


Tour duration

6 hrs door to door from Advocate (incl. approx. 30 min driving time each way to and from the launch spot, instructions on the beach, and a 1-hr picnic in a remote cove). You do not have to return to Advocate Harbour after the tour.


Paddling time to the Three Sisters

About 1.5 hrs (4 km or 2.5 mi) each way in stable yet sporty double sea kayaks. Should your party be odd-numbered, the empty seat will be filled by one of our guides or another guest.

Who is this for?

This tour is suitable for confident beginners and more experienced kayakers alike. The distance covered is intermediate, and we usually paddle without a  break until the picnic stop. The ocean conditions can range from calmer waters to moderate chop, depending on the wind and its direction. The coastline is exposed, so that some wind, chop, and surf upon launching and landing should be expected. The double kayaks are very stable and can handle some chop and swell very well. Average fitness and confidence in an ocean environment are required. If you tend to get seasick, please take precautions well ahead of the tour launch. The absolute minimum age is on this tour is 6, and the recommended age is 12 and up.



Adults – CA$ 159 + 15 % Tax

Children up to 16 – CA$ 119 + 15 % TAX

(Prices are in Canadian Dollars. All gear and a delicious picnic are included.)



Three Sisters Nova Scotia
The Three Sisters as seen from a kayak

Paddle the Bay of Fundy highlights!

Experience the amazing tides and spectacular cliffs of stunning Cape Chignecto Provincial Park at the Three Sisters. This coastline is incredibly scenic and purely wild, dotted with secluded coves, archways, and rock spires. The clear emerald waters contrast the red and orange cliffs. Evidence of earth’s history is right at your fingertips as you see old lava flows embedded in the ancient rock. Try your voice at a natural amphitheater or look for evidence of the shipbuilding past of this area.

Highlights of this tour include the famous Three Sisters sea stacks, a group of rock spires rising out of the ocean and steeped in native legend. Owl Rock, Elephant Rock and the pristine tidal river mouth at the former shipbuilding site Eatonville Harbour are other remarkable places. We stop at the latter for a home-made, seasonal, mainly vegetarian picnic. On the return paddle, you will be amazed at how quickly the water level has been changing on the biggest tides in the world.


High tide paddle

Starting the kayaking tour just before high tide, you will be able to paddle through an arch and among the Three Sisters sea stacks. You will be paddling close to the steep Fundy cliffs, and only a few beaches are exposed. Please refer to the Departure Times Calendar for dates and times of the high and low tide paddles.


Low tide paddle

You will experience the Fundy shore at low tide when lots of features that are otherwise under water are exposed, and the Three Sisters double in their height. With tides as large as in our area, this is phenomenal to witness. You see the high water mark in the cliffs many feet above your head as we weave through the rock gardens. Beaches are exposed and ready to explore. The arches and rock spires will sit high and dry.

Paddling through the arch.
Rocks are emerging on a low tide paddle. Note that the darker section of the cliffs is under water at high tide.

Three Sisters Experience Includes:

  • Sea kayaking at a world-class destination: Guided sea kayak tour on the Bay of Fundy – famous for the world’s biggest tides and the Three Sisters rock spire formation.
  • Unique location: The cliffs of Fundy never fail to inspire & this off-the-beaten-track gem beckons to be explored. Pure wilderness is what you will immerse yourself in on this tour.
  • Expert guides: Certified sea kayak guides will make your paddle enjoyable and worry-free.
  • Excellent gear: All kayaking gear is of high quality. We solely use double kayaks for safety reasons and provide neoprene spray skirts and non-restrictive kayaking PFDs. On cooler days, we have neoprene booties, paddle gloves, rain jackets and rain pants available for your comfort.
  • Healthy, light picnic: Ingredients right from our organic garden and from the area put together lovingly to be enjoyed in this beautiful al fresco setting. Hot drinks included. Please BYO water.
  • Sustainability is extremely important to us. No single use plastic, and mostly organic, home-made food.
  • Environmental care: Let’s keep these beaches plastic-free! Support our big annual clean-up by picking up 3 pieces of plastic.
Sea kayaking tours in Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia

“We truly had a wonderful time. We all said it was the highlight of our trip, and that is saying a lot because it was an amazing trip”


Ann Van Rheenen

Good to know

Confident beginners are welcome. An average level of fitness is required. We recommend that you know how to swim.

Children: Recommended age 12 and up. Minimum age 6.
We generally welcome kids on this tour. We trust that you are the best judge of their physical capabilities and adventurous spirits – keeping in mind that we paddle an exposed area with the possibility of some swell and wind. Please make sure there is an adult to share a double kayak with each child. Contact us in case of a shortage; if our schedule allows, we might be able to supply a guide. In our experience, families have a lot of fun on this tour! If you would like to bring young children, please get in touch the night before the tour to discuss whether the forecast conditions will be suitable.

Please contact us directly for:

  • Single bookings. (The minimum number of participants per tour is two.)
  • Bookings of less than 24 hrs until tour start.
  • Off-season dates, tailor-made- and group tours.

Check-in & drive: After checking in at our office in Advocate Harbour (1 hr 20 min from Amherst, 40 min from Parrsboro, 3 hrs from Halifax, 2 hrs from Truro), you drive ca. 30 min in your own car to the launch spot in Cape Chignecto Provincial Park where the guides will be waiting for you. Half of the drive is on gravel, which is suitable for most types of vehicles incl. RVs.

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