All Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered
I have no experience. Is it safe to go out in your waters?

A lot of our guests have never been in a kayak before, so we are used to giving beginners all the help they need to get out on the water and enjoy themselves. We solely offer stable yet sporty double kayaks to make the experience safe. The Bay of Fundy is unique due to the enormous tides and strong currents so we recommend you always go with experienced kayakers – such as the NovaShores guides.

Can my children come along?

Sure. Children just love kayaking. If they are too small to paddle, they can share a double with the strongest parent. The parent must be reasonably fit as they will be paddling the large double by themselves if the child is too young to help. The recommended age for children on our day tour and overnight tours starts at around 12. The minimum age is 6 if the family is very outdoorsy and the seas are calm. You could also consider our shorter 1.5 hr family paddle at Horseshoe Cove with your children from age 6.

Are we too old to go?

Age is a mindset, and kayaking is an activity that is truly for everyone. Age is not important. What counts are your spirit and that you are reasonably fit. We have had people paddle with us in their early nineties.

Can I paddle a single kayak, or are there only doubles?

The Bay of Fundy can be a moody body of water where conditions can change in an instant. To account for that and to make your experience as pleasant and safe as possible, we only have double kayaks available. They are much more stable than singles and still sporty to paddle, giving both kayakers enough room to paddle at their own pace. Since we started offering doubles only, we have reduced capsizes to almost zero, which is great for our guests and great for us. So doubles only it is as we cannot assess your skills over the phone. They are so easy to paddle and steer that you will have lots of time to enjoy the scenery.  Plus, the doubles are excellent for creating those special photos!

Are we in good enough shape?

Kayaking is an activity that requires average fitness. If you can easily walk a few kilometers you probably will have no problems. For flexibility, as long as you can get down on the floor at home and sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, and get up from that position with no difficulty you will be fine in the kayak. Please note that the max. weight per paddler is 240 lb.

What should I bring and wear on the tour?

We supply you with all the paddling equipment needed, and homemade meals. Due to the extreme environmental impact of the bottled water industry we do not supply bottled water, but will refill any bottles you bring along to our office. We recommend you wear stable footwear (flipflops are not ideal) you don’t mind getting wet and bring a raincoat, a fleece jacket, a hat, bug repellent and sunscreen. The best choice of clothing is synthetics – avoid cotton and denim jeans. Bring some warm clothing to store in the dry bags we will supply – you may not need it, but it is always nice to have if you do.

What happens if I tip over?

In the extremely unlikely event that this happens, our certified and trained guides will get you back into your kayak within minutes. The basics are that you should stay with your boat while one of your guides will get parallel to your boat, empty it of water and assist you getting back in. It only takes a few concentrated minutes to get you back on track. We have very few capsizes with the double kayaks. We do not practice wet exits.

Can I bring my own kayak?

No. Our kayaks are sea kayaks that track easily, are easy to steer and are fast to paddle. To make sure the group moves at the same pace, we only use our Boreal Design Esperantos on the tour. The guides will have them set up on the beach before you arrive, so that the start of the tour is very smooth. The conditions on the Bay are so different from any other body of water, so that some kayakers in their own singles have been surprised (and gotten very wet) in the past.

I can't swim, is it OK to be in a kayak?
Sure, we require all our customers to wear Canadian Coast Guard approved life jackets so if you should decide to get wet it will easily keep you afloat.
How long have you been doing this?

As a business, we have been operating since 2000. Some of us have been paddling canoes and kayaks for a few decades. All lead guides we employ are certified kayaking guides.

Do you have any rentals?

We don’t believe it’s safe. Instead, we offer our guests high-quality guided tours.

Will we see whales if we go?

Many people would like to see whales from a kayak. We have had the luck to do so on some tours, but we do not expect it. We advise that if you really want to see whales, please take the drive to Brier Island near Digby, or to Pleasant Bay on Cape Breton, where there are excellent whale watching tours. But if you want an outstanding maritime experience that combines clean fresh air and relaxing exercise with incredible natural beauty, serenity and the chance to see the local wildlife – join a group of like-minded individuals and take a NovaShores Adventures sea kayaking tour!

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